Top Eight (8) Incomparable Voice Chips to Use in 2019

At present, voice chips are being used in computers, toys, video games, gift cards and PC sound cards etc. However, in the presence of international high-quality voice chip producers it is hard to elect an excellent voice chip for customers, but in this article, we are going to share the list of the best voice chips with you.

Top 8 Incomparable Voice Chips To Use In 2019

Perhaps many of you are familiar with the name of voice chips or sound chips. Fundamentally, an integrated circuited that is created to produce or record sound is called voice chip. Lets dive in!

Nine Core Music Chip Mp3 Decoder – NR9600

NR9600 is well-known for its less expensive voice playback solutions. This MP3 chip provides excellent support to FAT32 and FAT16 file systems, assists computers to fix up the content SPI flash in a direct manner and gives complete backup to U Disk and TF card driver. Furthermore, with the help of UART serial command, it plays and records the music or voice in perfect voice quality. The presence of these outstanding features makes it a very reliable Recording Music Chip & Mp3 Decoder Chip in our list of the best sound or music recording chips.


SpeakJet is another buoyant but durable voice chip that is available in reasonable price. This sound chip is very famous among users due to its complex sound synthesizing features. SpeakJet is predesigned with 12 DTMF Touch Tones, 72 speech elements and 43 sound effects with significant control over the pitch and volume parameters. Its innovative integration allows it to produce sound with thousands of variations.

MP3 and MIDI Codec – VS1053B

VS1053b is a well-designed voice chip of VLSI Technology, Inc that is running in the supervision of NXP Semiconductors nowadays. It is not only a good MP3 decoder but also a resilient audio decoder for WMA, Ogg Vorbis and MIDI. In the same token, with little change in necessary decoding, various application-based features could also be added in this voice chip.

Audio Codec IC – VS1103B

The ability to mix three different audio sources and low price distinguishes VS1103B among users. It owns low-power DSP processor core VS DSP4, 4 general purpose I/O pins and UART to conduct debugging tasks. Although it offers a smaller number of features to its users if you have less budget, then VS1103B would the best choice for you.


QuikVoice is one more considerable voice chip its engaging features. This voice integration chip is mostly used in security alarms, gaming equipment and message repeaters. The best aspect of using these voice chips is their ability to play or record the sound portions without taking any assistance from the microprocessor. Low use of power, good variable sampling rate and multiple segmentation of voice are key characteristics of this voice chip, but you should keep in mind that features vary from model to model.

MP3 Codec IC – VS1011E-S

If you are still suffering in MP3 decoding even in the availability of customized and easy to use voice chips, then VS1011E is the best option for you to try at once in your projects. It contains high-quality oversampling variable sample rate stereo DAC, 5.5kBytes of data RAM and low power process to conduct its functions in a smooth manner. Correspondingly, an internal digital sample rate converter and high earphone driver capability support crystal clear sound.

28-Pin PDIP ISD1110

This is another voice chip that you can use to record or play voice in very less price. This is basically a good choice for beginners and students who want to use voice integration chips in their projects to give them real life. With the help of this voice chip, you can play or record voice up to 10 seconds.


APLUS is a big name in the integration of chips and other technical devices. In like manner, APR9301V2 is a durable single-chip that is used to record and play audio with strong storage capability and crystal-clear sound. It also consumes less power with the minimal use of external components like battery backup and ICs.

In brief, it was our list of the best voice chips that are being used at both individual and commercial level. To know more about sound chips, you can visit this voice chip factory that will increase your knowledge regarding the use and features of voice or music chips in detail.

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