The stun of Lily’s capture stuck him to his seat. For a minute, Gavin’s brain went dark.

Despite the fact that the Spirit had guaranteed him that everything will be okay, he really wanted to feel stressed over his sister.

‘Ruler, Please… ‘ He balanced his tie and bounced out of the seat. He didn’t have a clue what to think any longer. He didn’t realize the subsequent stage to take.

He couldn’t lose two individuals that he adored in the meantime. Dread grasped him as he contemplated his Ore, who was as yet announced a missing individual.

‘What do I do? What would be an ideal next step?’ Gavin mumbled, he longed frantically for the bearing of the Spirit. God had guaranteed him, that he would be there at whatever point he went through the flame. He required his quality at this moment.

He heard his telephone ring, so he took it on the double.

‘Hi, Gavin Adediran on hold.’

A chilling and shocking quiet reacted at the opposite end, impelling Gavin into another wild of unending marvel.

‘Hi?’ He scratched his jaw, not realizing what to do straightaway.

‘You think you are keen Gavin, can you truly go facing the Phoenix?’ A peculiarly commonplace voice croaked out of sight.

Gavin bit his lip and contemplated on the inquiry, “The phoenix!” abruptly, the fantasy about the vast flying creature and the Temple of Blood where a young lady was being contaminated by a gathering of men flashed through his brain.

It appeared the Holy Spirit had been attempting to caution him about something, yet he wasn’t tuning in and had gotten his sister into this wreckage.

‘See, talk in clear terms. Who are you?’ Gavin disregarded the danger.

‘The Phoenix, the managers of the incredible flying creature; the admirers of the blood Temple; the general population you loathed with your words.’ The voice answered.

Everything sounded unusual to Gavin, ‘Feathered creature, Temple… ‘ however a watchful idea helped him interface the man’s words with his fantasy.

‘What do you need?’ Gavin snapped. This was an affirmation of the disclosure her had before. The Phoenix was a clique or something to that affect, yet he knew nothing about them.

‘You.’ The voice answered icily.

‘Why?’ Gavin sneered.

‘I don’t have a clue how you gotten away Gavin, yet don’t assume you will live until the end of time.’

Gavin’s wrists started to shake as he heard cries of a female sort out of sight. He held his breath, trusting these odd men hadn’t gotten to his sister.

‘Hi?’ Gavin’s lips shuddered.

‘Savvy man, you more likely than not heard your sister crying and you are somewhat stressed. ‘The grim chuckling that pursued felt like pins against Gavin’s ears.

His feelings of trepidation were affirmed, they had Lily.

‘What do you need? Don’t you dare hurt my sister; I will ensure all of you spoil in prison.’ He was so vexed and he felt absolutely vulnerable against these anonymous men.

‘I realize you can do all that, however we have another person here with us, okay prefer to address her?’

‘God help us,’ Gavin murmured in his psyche, supplicating his mom had not been brought.

Gavin felt like there was a little fight out of sight, however everything was settled when a female voiced stated, ‘Gavin, it is I, Ore, kindly… don’t come it is a device!’ yet before he could make importance out of her message, the telephone was grabbed far from her.

Tears gushed in Gavin’s eyes as he understood who possessed the voice.

‘Metal… Ore!!!’ he considered her name a few times, however there wasn’t any reaction, the line went dead.

Rapidly, Gavin snatched his telephone and hunt his contacts down the Director of the Dania Police compel. He had a great deal of associations, and would have liked to utilize their administrations to spare both Ore and Lily.

Everything that was going on at that time was surprising. So Ore had additionally been captured by this equivalent individuals?

‘Get, get.’ He gulped hard, while supplicating in his Spirit for the wellbeing of the two ladies.

He had ringed the man multiple times, all without any result. Gavin hurled the telephone on the table and surged towards the entryway, not comprehending what to do straightaway.

‘Ruler! Kindly don’t dismiss your face from me. I need you now, I need you frantically.’ He fell on his knees and cried.

Be that as it may, there was no answer. There was no nearness of the Spirit, as he didn’t feel it. He opened his eyes and filtered the room again, yet there was nothing.

He felt lost and alone. He was inundated in an ocean of disarray. Where might he go straightaway?


Julia had been the one to open the entryway for Master Paul, yet she had immediately sneaked into the closet and shrouded herself there, so he wouldn’t discover her.

Prior to opening the entryway, she had peeped through the keyhole and acknowledged Master Paul had accompanied another person, Gavin’s more youthful sister. She speculated he had brought her here, so they could have something to use against Gavin.

The Phoenix knew about Gavin’s adoration for these two ladies, considerably more noteworthy love for Ore, however they were reluctant to utilize her as trap.

She held her breath while thinking about the subsequent stage to take. Julia was amazed that Ore had not surrendered her, or called her name. It appeared her sister realized she would be in a bad position, and this was the reason she was covering for her.

‘Help me.’ Julia murmured, this was the first occasion when she was imploring since her introduction to the Phoenix.

She had been watching Ore intently before they began talking and she had seen a certain something: her solid confidence in her God.

Tears jumped up in her eyes as she tuned in to the discussion among Ore and Master Paul, who clearly knew each other before now.

So her sister had been assaulted on numerous occasions and by various men? Furthermore, these sexual maltreatment cases had crossed from her youth to early adulthood?

‘No.’ she cried quietly, wishing she could discover every one of those men that hurt her sister and put a shot or more in their idiotic minds.

‘Screw them.’ She swore underneath her breath, and kept on tuning in.

Her heart vacillated as she heard Ore revealing to Paul that she had confidence that her God would save her from his hands.

Julia was paralyzed by Ore’s commitment to this animal that couldn’t have cared less about anybody yet himself.

Truly, she never trusted in God since he was a narrow minded animal. Julia lost enthusiasm for religion after her strong inception to the Phoenix.

She generally conveyed this idea, “If God truly existed, for what reason was I captured and started?” But directly there in that closet, she was beginning to trust that there was a power outside of man, one that was more grounded than human want and innovation.

Gavin was a living Testimony.


Metal’s eyeballs had nearly flown out of her eye attachments when Paul had strolled into the live with a slim lovely young lady who had a striking similarity to somebody she once knew.

At first, she had communicated her shock at seeing him here. She was tied in with getting Julia when he hauled out a firearm and hauled Lily fiercely into the Hotel room.

‘What is the significance of this? Have you come to execute me?’ Ore jeered and immediately moved far from the man that had dumped her subsequent to uncovering to him that she was not a virgin.

Paul was not astonished to see her; truth be told, he had anticipated this minute.

At first, he had needed to visit Gavin, however he had gotten a call from one of his bosses in the Temple of Blood to kill Gavin inside twenty four hours before it was past the point of no return for them.

Also, the best way to achieve that was to abduct Lily and get together with Julia in her Hotel room, so they could all leave for the Temple in Carida. In any case, there was a little hitch in his arrangements.

‘On the off chance that you are finished talking, I would love to see Julia. Where is she?’ Paul gritted his teeth and examined the room irately.

To be proceeded…

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