‘Um… I was simply checking it.’ Ore chose to check what was in the envelope so Julia wouldn’t presume she had any ulterior intentions.

Julia’s heart flinched at seeing Ore experiencing her stuff. She was petrified and enormously stunned from her involvement with the workplace; she was set up to give it every one of the a chance to out on Ore.

‘Give me that, trick.’ She drew nearer and hauled the envelope from Ore.

She had pulled the envelope with so much power that it made the old photo to be attacked half. The primary half was her more established sister’s image, the person who was dead at this point.

‘You don’t need to be that impolite, take a gander at what you have done now.’ Ore moved in reverse with the other portion of the image which she was yet to see.


Without a moment’s delay, all the indignation she felt towards Gavin and Paul’s mystery moves fled as she gazed into according to her sister. She understood something about the photo, yet she couldn’t concede the abnormality that she felt while gazing at it.

‘What is it Julia? You have not been yourself.’ Ore saw that the flame in Julia’s eyes had developed diminish, she appeared somewhat dismal at this point.

Julia was not worried about who liberated her injured individual; she speculated one of the specialists had done as such, yet what troubled her was only a certain something.

‘For what reason would you say you are still here? You are free, you should run.’ She took her eyes off the photo for a moment.

Mineral shrugged, she had needed to leave, however she felt it in her heart, that her motivation in Julia’s life had not been finished.

‘I couldn’t leave without seeing your face one final time.’ Ore grinned.

‘Whatever, simply get the damnation out of here.’ Julia was burnt out on having one more individual identified with Gavin Adediran around her.

Metal was not terrified or debilitated by Julia’s discourteousness. She felt it more grounded than before that she was intended to assume a job in Julia’s change to Christianity. Also, she wouldn’t leave without that mission being cultivated.

Irately, Julia hurled the photo on the dressing table and moved towards the bed.

Mineral needed to do same, yet her interest showed signs of improvement of her. She chose to investigate the image once, before joining Julia on the bed.

A sentiment of history repeating itself washed over her as she gazed at the slim young lady underneath a mango tree. A memory of this mango tree flashed through her psyche, it appeared she had been in this image previously.

This was odd, it appeared to be so genuine.

Mineral immediately achieved the dressing table for the other portion of the photo, perhaps she was fantasizing or going insane. Perhaps she had missed her more youthful sister Oye so much, that her psyche had started to pull pranks on her.

‘Quit experiencing my things! I have just instructed you to get out and discover you route back.’ Julia bounced out of the bed furiously, resolved to dispose of Ore.

However, she wasn’t quick enough, as Ore had officially taken the other portion of the image. What’s more, the minute she frowned at the guiltless dark colored eyes of the more youthful young lady, she couldn’t preclude the picture from securing her more youthful self.

This image had been taken numerous years back in their granddad’s compound before he kicked the bucket. She had remained close to her more youthful sister Oye, underneath the mango tree.

Her heart pounded against her chest, her breathing became worn out, however there was nothing she could do to control it.

‘Offer them to me!’ Julia grabbed both photographs from Ore.

‘You’re such a bitch! I loathe you! I loathe all of you! Get the damnation out of my sight.’ Julia discharged a string of revile words into the air, wanting to make Ore increasingly awkward.

Regrettably, Ore said nothing consequently. She watched her discreetly, and with observing eyes like she had found a grave mystery about her.

‘See, I don’t possess energy for this. You have to leave my lodging.’ Julia raced to her satchel and hauled out a weapon.

In any case, Ore didn’t move. She had known it from the very beginning, that there was something unusually commonplace about Julia, however she couldn’t put it.

‘I will blow your fuckin’ cerebrums off!’ She pointed the weapon at Ore.

‘Oye… ‘ Tears gushed in Ore’s eyes. She trusted she wasn’t imagining, she wished this was her lost sister.

The firearm tumbled from Julia’s hands at the notice of the name she feared most.

‘What did you call me?’ She gulped and ventured far from Ore.

‘Oye, your name is Oye. You are my sister and the Holy Spirit had driven me to you, yet I was too incognizant in regards to even think about knowing the extraordinary plans he had for me.’ Ore fell on her knees, not trusting any of these were genuine.

Julia had seen that the young lady in the other portion of the image that she held, had similar eyes with her Ore. She had thought about quickly whether Ore was her sister, however as she was prepared to have no family, she immediately pushed the idea away.

‘I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are discussing.’ Julia licked her lips apprehensively.

Where it counts, she was extraordinarily shaken by this disclosure. For what reason were abnormal things occurring today?

She had neglected to execute Gavin, and now this? The lady remaining before her was a more seasoned form of Ore, her solitary sister whom she had not seen for a long time.

‘Indeed, you do. I see why the Holy Spirit didn’t enable you to slaughter me. You would have lived in lament for a mind-blowing remainder, should you have found reality.’ A tear spilled down Ore’s cheeks.

Really, the Lord had great designs for her, yet she had given herself a chance to meander in the valley for her past for a really long time.

‘I saved your life since I would not like to slaughter you. I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are discussing.’ Julia moved away, as Ore had started slithering towards her.

Mineral murmured with help. She felt it profoundly that the professional killer that had taken her was her sister. This was the reason the Spirit had made their ways to cross.

‘I don’t have a clue why it is hard for you to acknowledge me as your sister. I have been searching wherever for you. My life has been a wreck without you Oye, I cherish you to such an extent. In the event that you truly need me to leave, at that point say it once again.’ Ore gradually rose to her knees.

For what reason would Oye deny this? Her skin was still extremely light and perfect. Her eyes were clear pools of dark colored, yet with a drop of ferocity in them.

For what reason hadn’t she seen this likeness before now? Or then again had Julia realized they were sisters? Was this the reason she had grabbed her from Walstreet Odoja?

Julia’s mouth felt dry. Mineral had affirmed her feelings of trepidation from the earliest starting point. Metal had given her the best truth that she looked for.

Where was the fearlessness that she had dependably summoned up before choking her unfortunate casualties? Where was her intensity?

She felt stifled by suppositions, something she shouldn’t feel.

‘Simply state it! On the off chance that you need me out of your life, state it Oye.’ Ore cleaned her face with the back of her palm.

Over twenty years had gone between them. She missed Oye consistently, however it appeared the inclination was not shared.

‘Escape my Hotel Room, I don’t have the foggiest idea your identity. You are dead to me.’ Julia gritted her teeth.

She acknowledged in her heart that Ore was her sister, however she couldn’t concede this straightforwardly.

She recollected the principal cold evenings in the Temple of Blood where her introduction had occurred at a youthful age of six. She had been abducted by some obscure men and transformed into this abhorrent animal.

She had been famished for quite a long time and tormented, all to influence her to overlook the main kin she had left, as their folks had both passed on.

Crisp pool of tears spouted down from Ore’s eyes. From the way Julia sounded, she trusted that they were sisters, however she was never again keen on that bond.

‘Is this what you truly need for us Oye? I cherish you… I miss you, please,’ Ore cried, she wasn’t prepared to relinquish what she had found.

Without precedent for her life, Julia permitted the agony she felt inside her to take control. She let the tears fall uninhibitedly.

‘It isn’t what I need. It is essential that you should avoid me.’ Julia’s lips trembled as she talked.

She couldn’t disclose to her sister her explanation behind saying this, however she was doing this because of adoration.

‘Why? Did I say something to hurt you? I am sad.’ Ore wasn’t prepared to play Judas on her sister.

Julia moaned and covered her face in her slim hands. She knew where it counts that they were desiring her. She had neglected to executed Gavin, and for that, her life was to be assumed in his position.

‘Kindly go, you could never comprehend.’ Julia licked her lips and wailed hard.

Exactly when things were beginning to take rights turn in her life. Exactly when she got the opportunity to make things straight with Delilah, and her sister, the Phoenix would seek her.

Like the others that had fizzled, they would bring her down.

Metal knew Julia was a professional killer, she had slaughtered that kid they discovered late in the night. Mineral likewise speculated that Julia had executed many individuals, she had even admitted it once.

‘Look Oye, I don’t have a clue your identity working for and what they make you to do. I can support you, I can enable you to vanquish your apprehensions.’ Ore moved back and got her by the shoulders.

Julia felt protected and cherished as she felt Ore’s arms on her.

‘You don’t comprehend, it is greater than what you might suspect.’ Julia answered.

‘It isn’t greater than Jesus, I can petition God for you, we can go out.’ Ore recommended.

Julia was going to decay her offer when the high pitched cry of her telephone interfered with her discussion with her sister.

‘I need to take this, it could be essential.’ She moved over to the bed where she kept her telephone and got the call.

She put the telephone against her left ear and murmured, ‘Hi.’

‘Open the entryway, I have come.’

Julia didn’t require a seer to reveal to her whose voice it was. Ace Paul had discovered her, she had an inclination he had sought vengeance.

She had no real option except to comply with the Phoenix in every way, so she moved directly to t

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