Gavin walked around of his office dejectedly, the Spirit had surrendered him, he was certain about it now.

‘Great day Sir.’ His secretary saw the miserable demeanor all over.

‘Amaka, where did you say my sister went to once more?’ He didn’t have an inkling if this was vital, however he asked at any rate. He simply had the inclination to ask that specific inquiry.

Amaka rehashed what she had revealed to him before, ‘She left with the man from Phoenix Baby Care, Mr. Paul. It appears they’d needed to look at something.’

‘Phoenix Baby Care,’ Gavin scratched his jawline, his skin shivered and his heart was gobbled up in a suggestive pound of acknowledgment, that the infant care organization may have an association with the faction assemble that he had envisioned about.


‘Is something incorrectly sir? Are you okay?’ Amaka had never observed her manager along these lines.

Gavin shut his eyes quickly and opened them. It appears the Lord needed him to battle this fight without anyone else. Discovering his sister was not his activity, however he had no real option except to have a go at something first as the Director of the Police Force had neglected to accept his calls.

‘Would you be able to discover me data on Phoenix Baby Care?’ He drew nearer to his secretary’s table.

Amaka turned on her PC promptly, ‘I will require points of interest sir.’ She asked, in light of the fact that he appeared as though he required that data right away.

Gavin didn’t have even an inkling what subtleties to supply her with, ‘Attempt, the proprietors of the organization and maybe their logo.’ He murmured.

This was a lot for him to manage. These abnormal men had taken two individuals that he cherished, yet there weren’t requesting cash or gold. They needed him, and he didn’t get why.

‘It is going by Waldo Ade Elarian and Ken Lafia. They have been accomplices in this business for quite a while.’ Amaka provided.

The names were curious about Gavin, these men had experienced the majority of their lives in Carida.

‘Um, their logo is a phoenix.’ Amaka proceeded.

‘What?’ Gavin’s heart shocked.

‘It’s a winged animal, come and see it.’ She asked graciously, and he complied.

A virus chill kept running down his spine as he encountered the animal he had found in his fantasy. The Phoenix existed, however from the vibe of things, the religion amass were utilizing the infant care motivation to conceal their tracks and their violations.

Gavin recollected that the Holy Spirit had enlightened him regarding the foes in his office. This implied just a single thing; the Phoenix had a covert agent in his office and this government agent had slipped something into his beverage.

Just two individuals had been around his espresso that morning, Angel Daran had appeared to him. Either Amaka or Ms. Irene had slipped the toxic substance.

‘Whatever else Sir?’ Amaka looked up.

Gavin grasped his teeth, considering of the likelihood of Amaka being a mystery individual from the Phoenix.

‘Have you at any point found out about the Phoenix?’ Gavin watched her face near check whether she was the Spy or not.

‘Nope, I’ve never found out about it.’ She answered briefly.

Gavin was lost in a cave of disarray and vulnerability.

‘If you don’t mind address me now. I don’t have the foggiest idea what else to do.’ He supplicated inside.

The Spirit had been trusting that a selected time will talk, he had everything instead of the redemption of the hostages.

“‘Sanctuary Blood’. Hunt that. When you discover your answers, go to Rosydew Hotel, room 88.”

‘I recognize what you are thinking about me, Lily.’ Ore began.

‘Furthermore, what am I considering?’ Ore sneered.

‘I am not who you think I am. Many individuals get their notoriety discolored by others. I was never a prostitute or a tramp as individuals expected, I was simply a casualty of situation.’ Ore licked her lips anxiously, every so often tuning in to Paul’s hollering, he had been on an extremely long call since he set foot in the restroom.

Lily moaned and chose to tune in to Ore. It wasn’t care for she was intrigued. She simply would not like to bite the dust of weariness while trusting that the Police will come and save her.

‘So who are you?’ She cast Ore a stooping look.

‘My folks passed on when I was youthful, leaving I and my sister Oye to fight for ourselves in light of the fact that our relatives had rejected us. We were later taken to the motherless kids home, and after that to the halfway house.

My sister was later captured by certain men, and I never observed her again… ‘ Ore bit her lip; she couldn’t uncover anything about Julia now.

She educated Lily concerning the men who had exploited her as a tyke, and that design had rehashed until she was mature enough to flee from that condition.

‘In any case, somebody saw you with our Math educator, how would you clarify that?’ Lily was profoundly contacted by this story, however despite everything she thought that it was hard to trust Ore was honest.

Metal grinned and flickered the tears that had accumulated in her eyes, ‘He was assaulting me in the staff room. I shouted for help, however nobody came. For what reason do you think he spread those lies about me? I took steps to report him to the essential, however he was more intelligent.’ She shivered as recollections from all the assault scenes attacked her mind with full power.

There was torment. There was outrage. There was vulnerability.

‘No… no!’ A boisterous shout exuded from Ore’s lips, before she passed out.

‘Metal?’ Lily gulped, as she had never observed anything like what had quite recently occurred.

Unexpectedly, she heard a clicking sound which was trailed by the opening of the entryway and Delilah remaining at the passage.

‘Lily?’ Delilah curved a forehead, amazed to see Gavin’s sister in Julia’s lodging.

She had followed Julia right to this room. Despite the fact that she needed to reward the secretary and different laborers, she didn’t lament a thing.

She had come to give Julia a stern cautioning, to avoid her sister.

‘What are you doing here?’ She ventured into the room.

Lily was more worried about Ore’s state than everything else.

In the nick of time, Paul, who had heard Ore’s uproarious shouting, came back to the scene with his weapon.

‘You! What is she doing here?’ he hauled out his firearm irately and pointed it at Delilah who kicked the bucket a thousand times at seeing the weapon.

Lily was lost on what to do. Here, Ore had gone out, and there, Delilah had a firearm pointed at her face.

‘Kindly, don’t slaughter me… ‘ Delilah fell on her knees, arguing for her life.

Be that as it may, Paul was a bloodsucker, much the same as the remainder of his siblings.

Decisively, he pulled the trigger. A boisterous flame burst through her skull, leaving an opening in her brow.

Delilah dropped dead and a noisy cry pursued from Lily.

Julia who had been stowing away in the closet couldn’t bear the torment any longer as she was very much aware of everything that was occurring.

Her eyes were at that point obscured with tears when she heard Lily shouting about her sister Ore. She had been so contacted by her sister’s miserable voyage throughout everyday life.

‘It is time I deal with her, I should deal with everybody.’ Julia set her teeth in a growl and fixed her grasp on her weapon.

Paul strolled towards Ore and squeezed her cheeks, attempting to revive her.

‘What occurred?’ He looked at Lily quickly.

‘I don’t have the foggiest idea, we were simply talking… ‘ Lily needed to state more, yet she felt tongue tied as she saw Ms. Irene strolling warily out of the gigantic closet behind Mr. Paul.

To be Continued…

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