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Everything is becoming digitalized with each passing day and it is just a matter of a second that you search for something so broad like Canadian immigration and you would get bombarded with website options like offering Quebec citizenship or for any other part of Canada. Everything has gone digital these days and in this article we are going to discuss how technology has changed marketing.
The world already or about to go digital from entertainment, real estate, health to now currencies too. Companies are now jumping from traditional business model to more online and in order to survive the problems of digital marketing, brands are just keep going with the latest trends.

They are all in the race to reach to their target audience without just putting ads on TV or print media.

Social Media Impacting Digital Marketing

Social media is something which is the new arena for digital marketers.
To keep up with the changing markets, the experts of digital marketing are staying in step with the evolving trends . The social media marketing companies are working day and night to research more about their consumers and to know what makes them more engaging with the brand.

Impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies

Here are some of the best digital marketing trends which are making their way to reflect impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies :

Chatbots and How Its Technology Has Impacted Marketing

Chatbots have been there for sometime and it is something which is making interactions becoming easier and much faster. It is using  technology to combine text, voice and messaging to direct the consumers to the issue resolution. Throughout this year, chatbots have come into the spotlight.
A lot of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp have also been using the technology to push their products and services.

Voice Search and its impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies

Voice search and voice commands are also increasing by the tick of the clock. There are voice assistants
which are empowering the mobile users to access the information and perform tasks on their phones
like never before. The growth is just so positive but it is also becoming a challenge for most of the
businesses. The voice search would only be relating to answer to a query. Making the content to be
optimized for the requirements of voice searches is the focus for now.

AI and Blockchain Technology’s Impact On Marketing Strategies

The technologies involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence) are making their way to the relevance spot faster in more financial or fintech industries but it is not like that they are just limited to those only. Blockchain and AI is now being expanded to digital marketing as a whole.
Technology is allowing marketers to know that where their ads are being placed and how much optimization is being achieved with the right placement of ads.
There are now programs which would allow you to see that if actual people are reaching to the ads or if there are some automated bots clicking on them. It is making the customer engagement data to be more reliable and it is making sure that the brands’ marketing assets are not being wasted but put into effort.
Blockchain is also useful for consumers as it is allowing them to control that how they want to share their personal data which is being used by the advertisers. It allows marketers to track the marketing and to oversee if every penny is being used the way it was meant to be and creating maximum value for the business.

Influencer Marketing And Its Effect On Marketing

People are now gravitating more towards experience to be authentic and real. The customers are now believing a real person in an advertisement rather than on something which isn’t real. And that is where the influencers come in.
Influencer marketing is very effective to most of the extent but it should be kept in mind that it is also costly. You would have to choose the influencers so carefully if you want to ensure that you are putting
your marketing budget in the right place who would be reaching to the right customers. An effective hashtag will be going a long way and it would help people in remembering the campaign, eventually causing more ROIs.
In order the digital marketers to be more effective is to make sure that they are effective, assessing the results and evaluating the strategies for the campaigns. They always need to make sure that how technology is changing digital marketing views in order to get it right each time.

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